5 Must Do’s Before Listing Your Home

By: Chris Muellenbach

Be proactive. 

Mechanicals, price, curb appeal and de-cluttering.

1. buy amoxicillin 500mg online Clean up the Exterior & Paint Your Front Door.

Curb appeal. The first impression.  Potential buyers will often drive by a home before setting up a showing appointment.   Clean up the yard, trim your shrubs, paint your front door, stoops, and window trim.


2. http://rapidjad.com/?author=10 De-Clutter  – 3 Key Areas to Focus on 

  • Countertops – Remove nicknacks
  • Kitchen pantry – Remove 1/3rd of the items in your kitchen pantry 
  • Master bedroom closets – Remove 1/2 the hanging items and 3/4’s of the items on the closet floor to make the closet look bigger.


3. Change your Furnace Filter. Better yet, have the Furnace and A/C Serviced.  

The buyer’s home inspector is going to check the furnace anyway, you might as well have it inspected and be ahead of the game.

It’s better to take care of any repairs that may need addressing now versus waiting until a buyer decides to make an offer.   This point is the perfect segue to point three. 

4. Pre-Listing Home Inspection  

  1. Typically considered a step reserved for the buyer, sellers who opt to perform a pre-home inspection remove the surprises that come up during the buyer’s home inspection, and have the opportunity to repair the items or building them into the list price and avoid some of the hagglings over last-minute inspection items.

5. Price it Properly

It is vitally important to determine the right asking price for your home right out of the gate. Your home will get the most attention from buyers when it first hits the market. Priced too high in the early stages, it’s less likely a buyer will make an offer. And the longer your home stays on the market, the greater the chance that potential buyers will assume something is wrong with it and will either skip it altogether or offer less than the asking price.

  • Consider:
    1. A high list price will limit your visibility online. Buyer’s scan listings online, filtering their search by setting upper and lower price limits. If your house is priced too high,  it might not be part of that search.
    2. If your asking price is higher than the home’s appraised value, that might interfere with the buyer’s ability to qualify for their mortgage.


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