5 Home Inspection Tips

Do These Before the Inspection 

Tips for home sellers from the inspector

By: Chris Muellenbach

cabron-monoxide-iiCongratulations!  You have an accepted offer.  The next step for most buyers is to hire a home inspector to check out the house. 

Having gone through numerous home inspections with buyers, I’ve learned there are items that regularly come up during inspections. Many of the regular items could have easily and inexpensively been taken care by the seller, prior to the showing.

I reached out to one of my favorite home inspectors; John Rocco with Pillar to Post Home Inspectors, and asked him what the most common and inexpensive issues he comes across during inspections were.

In John’s experience inspecting over 14,000 homes, these are the five issues he encounters the most:

  1. Lack of carbon monoxide detectors in the house
  2. Dirty furnace filters
    • Keeps energy prices down and extends the life of the furnace.
  3. Bathroom exhaust fan vented into the attic.
    • Fans should be vented to the exterior of the home.
  4. Poor grading around the exterior of the home
    • Water drains towards house or puddles at foundation walls causing moisture related issues
  5. Inoperable windows
    • Is the window painted shut, is the sash cord broken, is there a broken seal?

These are pretty easy and straightforward fixes that home sellers can look into and address prior to placing their home on the market.

If you have a question for the inspector, feel free to ask below.

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